February 22, 2019

Happy National Margarita Day, friends! 


Margarita cookies are up there as one of the most requested design of all time. From bachelorette parties to Cinco De Mayo and birthday bashes, people love celebrating with tequila! 

Tutorial: How to decorate margarita cookies by Jana Lee


You will need:

Margarita Cookies

Sanding Sugar

Pipe and flood white icing

Flood margarita green icing

Tutorial: How to Decorate Margarita Cookies by Jana Lee

1 | Cut and bake margarita glass cookies. Let cool completely before starting

2 | Outline the margarita glass with your white pipe icing. Add a small line to separate the glass from the stem as well as a curved line to mimic the rim of the glass

3 | Flood the stem of the glass and the rim with white flood icing, let set for about 20 minutes

4 | Flood the glass with green flood icing

 Tutorial: How to Decorate Margarita Cookies by Jana Lee

 | Before the final step, let cookies dry about 30 minutes to one hour |

5 | Using white pipe icing, outline the rim of the glass and immediately cover in sanding sugar, shake off excess. 


You can find my royal icing recipe here. Purchase our piping bags in the shop.

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