February 01, 2019

Hi all,

As we approach our fourth holiday season at Jana Lee's Bake Shop, I have been looking back on where we've come and dreaming about where I want us to go. This has been a crazy year both professionally and personally and I couldn't be more thankful. Some highlights include my first published book, teaming up with brands I've only dreamed about working with, getting married and moving out of our tiny first kitchen and into our beautiful new space! Some months I was working 70 hour weeks and others I took a few weeks off, thanks to a very understanding and hard working staff. I wouldn't call it balance but it's the crazy life of an entrepreneur that I am so thankful to be able to do.

One of the most asked questions I receive is when am I opening a storefront. No, this note is not a long winded way of saying we're opening a brick and mortar. Opening a storefront has never been a "goal" or "dream" I've had for this business. Although I do think about the possibilities some days, most of the time I am more than happy delivering treats right to your door. However, moving into the holidays and a new year the biggest topic on my brain is how to better connect with all of you! With social media platforms making things harder to cultivate a community over the internet, I tend to feel out of touch with all of our friends and clients. 

Jana Lee's Bake Shop is about to get a lot more personal. I've always shied away from showing my personal life through the lens of the business. I never thought it was professional to mix the two but mostly I figured who would care enough to listen to what I have to say about anything other than cookies? As my business has grown and social media has changed my stance has completely flipped. I've found that while we're scrolling the perfect pictures of instagram, we're really craving real, messy, life! That there really is no divide between my personal life and my professional life. My hobbies, travels, and daily nonsense impact my business, inspire the creative elements and most importantly share that we're just a few gals slinging cookies over here. That what I used to categorize as unprofessional is what is authentic and real. The stuff that connects you and I, the good and the bad, the happy and the sad. 

Our pretty social media presence isn't going anywhere but you will see my face behind the scenes. We'll be sharing dinner recipes we're trying this week, what caused us to be stuck in the kitchen until 11pm, humble brag photos of our pups and just life! We plan to use this space as well as instagram stories to show you life outside professionally edited cookie photos and a few strategic GIFs.  Please leave comments, send us DMs, email us questions. We're going to be internet BFFs turned real life BFFs (it happens, just ask Mindy!). 

Thanks for listening!

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